It is the best time to encourage local artists and small businesses in your area. So if you are feeling inspired today, here are a few Quebec artists who make illustrations and posters and are known for their street artistry. 

5 – Toffie Affichiste creates bright, eccentric, and minimal designs with a relaxing ambiance. If you are interested in artistic design, a little more abstract, yet with character, Toffie’s work is for your taste! 

4 – Kristian Bolanos: Clever design and inspired by the pop culture is what Kristian Bolanos‘ design is all about. Playful, colorful, and greatly influenced by cartoons, animated characters, and the world of Hip-Hop. 

3 – Antoine Tava is a beloved artist with a unique taste and perspective. His take on current social and pop culture mixed with anime and comic styles makes Antonio’s design personal and authentic. You may recognize his works from various galleries or on the city walls. 

2 – Outstanding designer/illustrator,  Elise Gravel is known for her colorful drawings inspired by monsters and toddlers. She illustrates a lot for young people, comics and children’s books. His works are bright and lively. Her creative outlook on imaginary creatures and cute monsters is what remains her top quality. We truly love her work! 

1 – Hello Mireille may is the most extraordinary and versatile artist on our list. From line art to various styles of illustrations, to political statements. This artist truly shines among others in the province of Quebec. It is always a pleasure to browse through her portfolio online and discover even move inspiring material every time. 

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