The monotony of a stable environment can trap you if you don’t find ways to kindle your creative spark. Being at home leads to a change in the way people think about how work is done. The creative world encompasses many different types of work, from writing to graphic design to handcrafting sculptures. If you stay at home during a coronavirus outbreak, you may crave a creative outlet, so here are a few recommendations on staying creative during your stay indoors.

Art is imagination. It’s provocative because it helps us to process a wide range of conscious and unconscious thoughts, and it involves creative activities. Art is a fun way to keep things exciting and can be quite relaxing. Using your imagination to develop ideas and create something new is one of the most valuable qualities a person can have. Change is needed to awaken new thoughts and ideas, but you also have to take advantage of the given situation. It is important to shake things up from time to time to stay sharp and full of fresh ideas, especially in the middle of the current crisis.

If you want to increase your expertise, influence others, and boost your level of innovation, it is now an excellent opportunity to spend your time learning. Inventors tend to postpone their ideas and creativity for lack of time. A busy schedule and work commitments can prevent us from putting time and effort into things that we personally find rewarding. But for at least a short while, you may have the chance to explore your creative side.

Writing and reading can be a way to stay inspired if you don’t feel creative at the end of the day. Changing your regular writing or reading habit can give you a fresh feeling, rejuvenate your inspiration, and give you new ideas. Writing can be a personal creative or public journey, sharing your thoughts may be just what others need in difficult times. Invest in a whiteboard and a decent diary to keep track of your ideas and writing activities and make detailed notes for your future. 

Don’t be afraid to get out there and help others who may be in the same state of mind. We are all social beings in nature, and thanks to technology, it is now possible to maintain the human connection while keeping a safe distance from each other. If you are panicking about what comes next, take your diary and write in it. Put your feelings on paper and let them wash away in your body and mind. Decorate it to make it more inviting, start a blog. You can also do something new to stimulate your mind, such as reading absurd fiction or learning a foreign language. 

Try using apps like Grammarly or Hemingway to help you improve your writing skills to tell a better story. 

If you have a small budget to invest in your creative activities, take on sewing. You can find excellent quality home sewing machines online at reasonable prices. Take your old and unused clothes out of the closet, rip them apart, and create new outfits for yourself. Sew new curtains while you redecorate the house. 

Most importantly, you can help your family and community by sewing masks and medical gowns. Check out these videos on YouTube for simple instructions on how to sew masks. 

SINGER Heavy Duty 4411 is our favorite home sewing machine. This cute and compact little machine is quite powerful! It allows you to sew fabric, leather. If you are looking to explore deeper, checkout CLO! CLO may be one of the most innovative apps of recent times. It allows you to take your sewing skills to the next level, with available online lessons and manuals. We love this app! 

Learn to design. Nowadays, it is easier than ever to begin learning about graphic design and digital design. Get inspired by following your favorite artists and designers on social media. Connect with them and buy their art. Helping local and community artists during the crisis can significantly impact their life circumstances. So we highly encourage buying from your local artists and supporting your community. Check out online classes for design on Udemy or search YouTube for simple design directions from other artists.

Drawing or painting can help you get through the rough times as it shifts your focus from negative thoughts. It also sparks inspiration and helps you feel accomplished. There are now many ways to sell your craft online. It is now an excellent time to generate some extra cash by selling your own art. Looking for ways to sell your creations? Go here to see the top 5 online art shops you can sell your artwork on.

Painting does not have to be on the canvas. You can think of interior design and painting your home as art too. Redesign the environment you are in, and currently spending so much of your time in. Get some ideas here about art in interior design, or go here to see more modern home decor ideas. 

Take out old magazines and newspapers, create collages, or incorporate them into your compositions. This can be a fun activity for the whole family. Gather around, cut out pictures from magazines, and make fun and interactive art pieces with them. Need some ideas to get you started? Here you go 🙂 



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