You can now train yourself remotely and maximize your income while staying at home. You can train for free or at a low cost in digital categories if you wish during your period of partial unemployment.


Develop your skills in the digital world, you can use your time wisely by making the decision to train yourself. This can be a good way to stimulate yourself intellectually and at the same time: develop your skills. If you want to broaden your knowledge, you can get started now by selecting training courses adapted to your needs through platforms like Udemy, in various fields such as the web, communication, marketing, graphics, and more. If you want to obtain new skills as a web or a product developer, train online to understand the different aspects of jobs related to digital, development, web marketing, or web design.


You can also find training to understand digital project management, digital marketing, e-commerce management, or digital marketing. On the web development side, training to learn how to code is available. Extensive training exists around programming languages such as JavaScript or Python, also for frameworks like AngularJS or Symfony for example. 

Training in the field of communication, you have the chance to try a long-term basis to understand opportunities as a communication manager or communication director. If you are already in a similar position, you can find training courses to discover how to set up an effective digital strategy, to improve your external corporate communication and more. There are shorter courses to learn how to effectively write press releases, but also to discover how to optimize the management of your social networks, in particular by using storytelling

Training in the field of marketing you will find guidance for marketing project managers and marketing managers. The field has evolved a lot in recent years. New professions have emerged: social media manager, community manager, and even content manager. These trades require specific skills.


To understand the field of digital marketing, many training courses are available. You can train more specifically in web marketing, and learn how to set up advertising campaigns. You also have the opportunity to train yourself in the implementation of a social media strategy and in the management of e-reputation

Most importantly for us 😉 if you are planning to start in the field of graphics, you want to master software and apps like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. Some are accessible to beginners and others are more intended for graphic designers and web designers to continue to improve and become experts in their field.


To master video editing professionally, you can also train in Adobe Premiere or After Effects. For those who want to understand 3D animation, you can follow hours of learning on BlenderSolidworks, or even 3DMax software. You will also find specialized training in design within particular courses on UI / UX Design, design thinking techniques, and web interfaces. 

If you want to train in the field of IT, you can meet people who work as director of information systems, IT developer or technical director. Training courses exist to specialize in systems and network administration: learn to manage different operating systems such as Linux or Windows for example or even master the management of a cloud system.


If you want to be a computer developer, you have at your disposal courses to learn the fundamentals of programming languages such as Java, C ++, or JavaScript, or to master the development of applications in HTML5. Training in workflow automation, there are training courses with a complete program to learn the basics of using Office 360 or Azure for example. It is also possible to choose only one tool from Office 360 on which you can deepen your knowledge, as you will find beginner, intermediate or expert level training on Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc. 


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