1- Make the information they are looking for easy to find. When a visitor accesses your website, not everyone will want to read an entire page. Most likely, they are only looking for one or two paragraphs that directly meet their needs. We find that many users scan a web page to determine if it is worth exploring or quickly to discover the piece of information they are looking for. Of course, we believe in creating carefully crafted content. But that is not enough to optimize readability. We have a firm opinion on the best way to digest information, and here are some other secrets that have served us well. 

2- Lists Readers and search engines love lists. You often see rich extracts from listings appearing in the top positions on search engines. Lists can be numbered or bulleted. Numbered lists help readers quickly grasp the content you present in terms of “best to worst” or “first to last.” The bulleted content allows the reader to see a concise summary, with the option to continue reading for more details. Here is an example: The most crucial readability features are large fonts, Adequate spacing, Headers, Tables, Lists, Graphs, Charts, and charts. Create a bar or line chart or a pie chart to highlight the most critical metrics provided in your content. 

3- Graphs and tables are essential for comparing things conceptually or across time frames. Use the color to make them stand out. Also, make sure to claim yourself as the source so that when other websites use it, you can gain a precious backlink. 

Decomposing your content into a table helps readers understand complex information at a glance. Tables are difficult on mobile devices, so you may need to adapt them. You can either include fewer columns (four or less) for the full table to display in reactive mode or choose horizontal scrolling of the table content. 

4- If you regularly check Google Analytics or another website reporting service, you have no doubt noticed that more and more people that are visiting your website are doing from a mobile device. Since last year, we actually get more traffic from mobile phones than from desktop computers. However, many sites still have serious flaws when viewed on mobile. A responsive site will determine the size of the screen it is displayed on and adjust the page style accordingly. This ensures that the majority of your site will look great on mobile devices without having to make any adjustments. 

Example of a mobile-friendly and nonmobile-friendly website: Sections Without the appropriate sections, information can be buried, and you will lose visitors before reading more than two lines of content. When you create a page or blog article that offers a large amount of information on a particular topic, you will want to divide that information using headers, spacing, and sections that ensure your web page is easy to scan. 

5- Headers have been an on-page ranking factor in organic search results from the start. They help search engine robots and readers to better understand your content. The proper use of headers will make a web page with any amount of content more digestible and easier to read. 

If you don’t use headers or don’t use them properly, you’ll see higher bounce rates (when users leave your page soon after they arrive, with little or no interaction). Avoid content that reads like a medical journal. Ideally, you want to opt for content sections that resemble those in gossip magazines. 

Secret Bonus: put the time when you create web content, put yourself in the place of the reader. Invest extra time to make sure your content is both readable and divided into sections. Great content answers questions and educates the reader quickly. If you’re having trouble breaking down the content into digestible chunks, keep trying. Good content takes time to create, but it lasts forever.

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